Spring is Here Drapery Cleaning is in the Air

Window Covering Cleaning

You may wonder what type of cleaning I’m speaking about ha?  Today I want to talk about custom drapery cleaning, what to do and what not to do, and no it’s not steam cleaning.  The homeowner that has invested money and time certainly would not want to steam clean their custom drapes, luxurious drapes or there embellished lined or interlined drapes, as a matter of fact, any fabric window covering. Oh no, doing such a thing would destroy them.  No one in their right mind would want to have their custom drapes steam cleaned, because you risk the drapes shrinking or colors bleeding. I’m talking about the injection extraction method of cleaning. What does this mean?  First, the dust is vacuumed from the product, then the cleaning solution is sprayed on the fabric it is then extracted and left for air drying.

According to the end use of the fabric, it is given a finish.  A fabric for drapery is given a different finish than a fabric for clothing, which means they both have a different tolerance level for shrinking.  Here’s the definition of textile finish according to www.study.com (In textiles, finishing refers to the processes which alter the final look, feel, or functionality of a textile after it has been produced and dyed).  I have gone into many client’s homes and seen their drapery lopsided from shrinkage.  With draperies, the first layer to shrink is the lining and I’m sure many of you can attest to this.  For cleaning your beautiful custom drapes and other fabric window coverings the injection extraction method of cleaning is the best method of cleaning.  Coupled with the correct cleaning solution and your guaranteed a process without shrinkage or fading.

Drapery Care

Tip – A very efficient and easy care and cleaning method to maintain your draperies’ luster is to vacuum them once per month.  Use the brush attachment and keep it specifically for this purpose only. You don’t want to use this brush attachment on other surfaces and then back onto the drapes again.  Doing this may teach you a costly lesson. This will prevent dust from accumulating in the fabric that will create heavy soiling and lead to discoloration.

I am constantly asked how often should I clean my window treatments.  My quickest answer is usually annually but I often consider a few factors to make my decision – like the exposure of dust in the room, is there soothe or candles in the environment? Or do the occupants of the home have any allergies?  Some rooms are more exposed to dust than others not to say it doesn’t accumulate dust. What I’m saying is that in comparison to another room it will accumulate more dust. If persons in the home suffer from allergy and dust then you very well want to be sure that you vacuum your custom drapes or any window treatments monthly and then clean them annually.  Remember that your custom draperies, custom valances, cornices or any window treatment can be cleaned in the convenience of your home.

Here’s a quick test to tell if your window coverings need cleaning.  Give them a quick shake, if you see dust flying around in the room then you know it’s time to give us a call.

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